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  • What products does ASKO sell?
    We sell kitchen and laundry appliances.
  • What services does ASKO offer?

    We offer professional delivery, installation, and removal of your old appliance, out of warranty servicing of appliances, and spare parts. Please note charges do apply.

  • Does ASKO offer a repair service?

    ASKO has factory trained technicians who service all the products we produce.

  • How long is my warranty?
    5 years for cooking and 2 years for all else (when used in a domestic application).
  • When does my warranty commence?
    From the date of purchase, or if in a building project from the certificate of occupancy.


  • Do I need a licenced tradesman to install my oven?
    Yes, as this product is hard wired electrical a qualified technician must install it.
  • Can my oven be installed under bench?
  • Can the oven be installed at eye height?
  • If I buy two ovens can they be stacked on top of each other, or side by side?
    Yes. For stacking, a custom supporting shelf or bracket system must be used for the stacked oven.
  • Why is the clock flashing?
    Please refer to the manual to set the clock.
  • What is the best way to clean my oven?
    If you have a pyrolytic oven this is the best way to clean it. Simply wipe out the residual waste once the pyrolytic cycle is completed.
  • I have selected pyrolytic cleaning, why can’t I open the door?
    This is normal, the door locks after four minutes of operation. After the cycle is completed the oven door will remain locked as a safety measure until the oven cools down.
  • Can I remove the glass door?
    Yes, tools are provided, please see the manual for full details.
  • Which program should I use?
    This depends on what type of food you are cooking. ASKO ovens also come with many programs including some models with automatic programs.
  • On which level should I place my food?
    The oven has a printed numbering system on the inside of the oven advising where to place your food. Some models also tell you what level to put it on depending on the program selected.
  • Can I open the door during cooking?
    Yes, except when using the auto programs.
  • Is my oven child safe?
    Yes, all ASKO ovens feature a child lock door which can be activated as an option, and all have cool touch front doors.
  • Do ASKO ovens have cool touch doors?
    Yes, all our models have either a triple or quadrupled glazed front door depending on the model chosen.
  • Do I need special venting on my oven?
    No, the oven vents from the front so there is no need for any special venting.
  • Can I adjust my cooking temperature once the oven is on?
    Yes, simply turn the temperature dial or touch the temperature button at any stage during operation.
  • Do I leave the door open during grilling?
    No, the oven remains closed on all programs.
  • Does my new oven come with accessories?
    Yes and this depends on the model chosen. The standard is trays, grids, and a deep pan.

Cooktops - Gas cooktops

  • Does ASKO install gas cooktops?
    No as this product requires a licenced tradesman to install it.
  • Can ASKO’s cooktops be used on LPG?
    Yes, they can but you need to order an LPG conversion kit from ASKO. You cannot order other branded LPG conversion kits as they will not work.
  • Which burner should I use?
    This depends on the size of your pot. ASKO’s gas cooktops have different size burners depending on pot size, and what you would like to use them for.
  • How high should I turn up the gas?
    The gas should not lap the sides of the pot. ASKO’s burners are highly efficient and do not need to be turned up to maximum power very time they are used.
  • Do the cooktops have spill zones?
    Yes, all our gas cooktops come with separate spill zones. Separate spill zones help contain your spill to one location.
  • Why won’t the gas stay ignited after turning the cooktop on?
    After selecting the burner you wish to use turn the knob and hold the knob down for three seconds until the gas ignites. This is a safety measure and makes it difficult for children to accidentally turn on the cooktop on.
  • Why did the flame go out?
    Check your gas supply. If you have gas the flame may have gone out due to a door being slammed causing a gust of wind. If the flame does go out ASKO’s burners feature an Auto Cut out function, which turns off the gas supply to the burner.
  • Can I put the trivets and burners in the dishwasher?
  • When should I clean my cooktop?
    The best time is straight after cooking as you don’t want any spills to bake into the cooktop.
  • Should I use abrasive materials to clean my cooktop?
    No, abrasive materials or harsh chemicals should not be used as they will permanently tarnish or scratch the stainless steel.
  • What is the best way to clean ASKO’s gas cooktops?
    Do not leave the spill to sit until it cools down, clean the spill immediately. Use mild soap or detergents to clean it, or use a recommended stainless steel cleaner.
  • What is the small steel holder shaped like a cross for?
    This is so you can support small pots.
  • My wok burner comes with a wok support. Do I have to use it?
    It has been designed to specifically support the base of your wok.

Cooktops - Induction cooktops

  • Does ASKO install induction cooktops?
    No, as this product is a hard wired electrical appliance a qualified technician must install it.
  • Why won’t the cooktop work after I have turned it on?
    Have you place pots on it? Induction cooktops will not operate unless they have a pot on them.
  • Do I need special pots?
    Yes, they must be steel. All new pots are marked for what type of cooktops they can be used on.
  • Can I use my own pots?
    Yes, you can. An easy way to test if they can be used is to place a magnet on the bottom of the pot. If the magnet attaches to the pot, they are fine to use.
  • What is the best type of pot to use?
    Pots that have an induction approval logo on them, this is normally found on the base of the pot or pan.
  • Will the zone detect the size of my pot?
    Yes, it will detect how small or how large the pot is and adapt in accordance.
  • Which zone should I use?
    Use the zone that best suits the size of your pot.
  • How do I know when the cooktop is on?
    The temperature control will light up.
  • Which setting should I use?
    As induction has an extremely rapid heat up time you will need a little trial and error with this. When you first use it set it at a lower temperature than what you used with your previous cooktop.
  • How do I turn the child lock off?
    Hold the lock button down for 3 - 5 seconds depending on the model.
  • There is a buzzing noise coming from my cooktop. Is this normal?
    Yes, this is how an induction cooktop operates. You will also feel a slight vibration in your pot.
  • What is the best way to clean my cooktop?
    Use mild detergents and a damp cloth. Do not let spills burn into the glass as these are harder to remove.
  • How should I place the pots on my cooktop?
    Make sure they are free of any grit on the bottom of the pot or pan. Foreign matter on the bottom of the pot will impede the performance of the cooktop. Do not slide the pots or pans on the glass as this may scratch the glass. Simply put them down.
  • The cooktop lights and controls turn on but there is no heat?
    Hold down lock and pause during the power cycle.


  • Can ASKO rangehoods be vented externally?
  • Does ducting come with the rangehood?
    No, it doesn’t, flexible or rigid ducting is not supplied with the rangehood.
  • How far can I duct a rangehood?
    Please refer to the manual. The further away the ducting travels to the emission point the airflow will reduce.
  • Does ASKO have recirculating rangehoods?
    Yes, please check which models as not all can be recirculating.
  • Why doesn’t my rangehood clear away odour?
    Firstly increase the speed you have selected. ASKO rangehoods have a boost function for difficult to remove cooking odours.
  • When should I clean the aluminium filters?
    Most ASKO models will indicate on the control panel as to when the aluminium filters should be cleaned.
  • Can I clean my filters?
    Aluminium filters can be washed in a dishwasher. Carbon filters cannot be cleaned, they have to be replaced.
  • When should I replace the carbon filters on a recirculating model?
    Our recirculating models will indicate on the control panel when the carbon filters need changing.
  • What speed should I select?
    This depends on the type of cooking and how much oils and fats are in the foods being cooked.
  • Do ASKO rangehoods have a timer function?
  • What is the airclean function?
    This is found on some models only. It turns the rangehood on for a period of 10 minutes every hour.
  • Does ASKO recommend any type of ducting?
  • What diametre should the ducting be?
    125mm - 150mm depending on the rangehood.
  • Does ASKO sell replacement filters?
    Yes, we sell aluminium and carbon filters for all our ducted and recirculating models.
  • Can you extend the flue?
    Yes, please check the instruction manual for measurements.
  • Does ASKO sell flue extensions?
    No, you will have to consult a local steel fabricator to produce a flue which extends above what ASKO supplies with the rangehood.


  • Why is the basket rolling out?
    The dishwasher is not level, try adjusting the rear leg to level the dishwasher.
  • Why doesn’t my dishwasher door close properly?
    The dishwasher has not been installed correctly. Please refer to the use and care guide, or have ASKO reinstall it (charges apply).
  • What is the best way to stack the dishwasher?
    Please refer to your use and care guide for full instructions.
  • Should I scrape my plates clean before loading them in the dishwasher?
    Yes as the dishwasher will not remove large food particles.
  • How should I load my dishwasher?
    Do not stack items on top of one another as they will not wash. The use and care guide offers an example of how to load your dishwasher.
  • What maintenance is required on the dishwasher?
    Clean the main coarse filter after every wash for food particles (the filter with a handle). The stainless steel filter needs cleaning every three months.
  • Why do I have fault codes appearing on the dishwasher?
    Please refer to your use and care guide for instructions, or contact ASKO’s Service Department toll free on 1300 00 2756.
  • Which program should I use?
    This depends on the type of load you are wishing to wash. Please refer to your use and care guide for full washing instructions.
  • Why are my pots still not clean?
    Select the heavy / pots wash and place your pots in lower basket with a PowerZone underneath them (not on all models).
  • Why are my dishes not clean?
    Have the filters been cleaned?
  • What is a powerzone?
    This is a separate arm located in the base of the dishwasher, which helps clean pots and pans (not on all models).
  • Can I put delicate glassware in the dishwasher?
    Yes, provided the glassware is dishwasher safe. Please refer to your use and care guide for washing instructions regarding delicate items.
  • How often should I clean the filter?
    Once every three months or sooner depending on usage.
  • Can I open the door mid cycle?
    Yes, the dishwasher will recommence once the door is closed.
  • How do I know when the cycle is completed?
    Depending on your model, it will be indicated on the display panel or the status light. Some models will also have audible end signal in conjunction with a visual display.
  • What detergent should I use?
    Any major brand as long as it is suitable for a dishwasher. Dishwashing detergents cannot be used.
  • Do I need to use rinse aid?
    Yes, this aids the drying process.
  • How do I clean the stainless steel exterior?
    Use a damp cloth as our dishwashers are TouchProof™ stainless steel so no detergents are required.
  • Does ASKO have a built in dishwasher?
  • How do I adjust the kick plate?
    Simply pull out the adjustable arms located under the dishwasher door.

Washing machines

  • I’m installing my own washing machine and the manual says to remove the transit bolts. Why do I have to do this?
    Transit bolts must be removed before the first use of the washing machine. They are used to keep the wash drum in place to avoid damage during transportation.
  • Why is my machine vibrating?
    Check to see if the feet are level. To adjust them release the lock nut and screw the leg into the right position.
  • Which program should I use?
    This depends on the type of clothing you are intending to wash. Please refer to your use and care guide or the tag on the garment for full washing instructions.
  • Does my washing machine heat water?
    Yes, all ASKO washing machines have built in heating systems which incorporate temperature sensors.
  • Can I wash delicate items in my washing machine?
    Yes, please ensure you use the wool / hand program. Please refer to your use and care guide for full washing instructions.
  • How much detergent do I need?
    Each brand of washing powder varies significantly. In the beginning experiment with using what is recommended by the manufacturer. However, if you notice that the washing machine isn’t removing detergent from your garments reduce the amount used. Please Note ASKO washing machines use very little water so in turn the detergent dosing should also be reduced.
  • How do I get rid of detergent left in my detergent compartment?
    Reduce the amount of detergent you are using as you are using too much.
  • What type of detergent should I use?
    Only detergents marked for use in front loading washing machines.
  • Does ASKO recommend a particular brand of detergent?
  • Can I use a fabric softener?
    Yes, place it in the detergent compartment.
  • What temperature should I wash with?
    ASKO washing machine programs are set at pre-determined temperature; these can be adjusted in accordance with your garments washing instructions.
  • How much clothing can I put in my washing machine?
    For best results do not over load the washing machine. The maximum amount of clothing is 7kg.
  • Can I reverse the door opening on the washing machine?
  • Can I open the door once I start the machine?
    This option is available only on 7 - 8kg models. Hold the start / stop button down for three seconds and the washing machine will drain enough water to allow for the door to open. Once you close the door the washing machine will remember where it is in the cycle and recommence.
  • Why does my washing machine have a pin trap?
    From time to time coins or other objects may find their way into the wash; these foreign items will end up in the pin trap instead of staying in the drum.
  • Do I need to clean my washing machine?
    ASKO recommends that you clean your washing machine every six months or when you smell an odour from the washing machine. To clean your washing machine select a heavy wash at a 90°C temperature, put descaler in the detergent dispenser and press start Please note DO NOT put any washing in the machine during the cleaning phase.


  • Which program should I select?
    This depends on the type of load you are wishing to dry. Please refer to your use and care guide for full drying instructions.
  • Can I interrupt the dryer to add clothing?
    Yes, open the door to add the additional items then close the door and press the start button to recommence.
  • Can all types of garments go in the dryer?
    No, some garments will be marked stating they cannot be put in a clothes dryer.
  • Will the dryer stop when the clothing is dry?
    Yes, it will also beep to let you know the load is finished.
  • How does my dryer drain?
    You can either recirculate the water into the water reservoir compartment (found on the left hand side of the control panel), or you can drain the water into your sink or external drain. Please refer to your use and care guide for full instructions.
  • How often should I empty the water reservoir?
    Every load.
  • Can I stack the dryer on top of an ASKO washing machine?
    Yes, the dryer is provided with two free of charge mounting brackets that attach to the top of the ASKO washing machine.
  • Does ASKO have a pull out sorting shelf that sits between the dryer and washer?
    Yes, this is specially designed to help you sort your clothing and is a purchased accessory.
  • Can I have a left or right door opening?
    Yes, the door can be hinged on the opposite side. Please refer to the instruction manual on how to do this or ASKO can do it at time of installation.
  • Can I mount the dryer on the wall?
  • How often should I clean the filter in the door?
    Every load.
  • How often should I clean the condenser filter?
    Once every three months or sooner depending on usage.
  • Why is the dryer getting really hot?
    The dryer’s heat sensor will automatically turn off the dryer if the temperature exceeds the selected temperature.
  • Do heat pump dryers require extra maintenance?
    No, except for cleaning the filters the same as any of our other dryers.
  • Why does the time taken to dry seem to fluctuate on the time display?
    This is due to the sensors constantly monitoring your garments moisture level and increasing or reducing the drying time. At ASKO we call this SensiDry™.