A Dishwasher Designed to last 20 years.

world´s tallest loading height

 World's tallest loading height.

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service and support

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    Classic. Logic. Style.

    Three types of dishwashers to match different ways of living.






    Quality is Everything

    High-grade steel blankets our Dishwasher range. Dishwashing components exposed to intense washing pressure have been produced out of high grade stainless steel, which allows for higher water pressure, longevity and reliability. Goodbye fragility, hello sturdy steel. 

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    A Trusted Companion

    A lot can happen in 20 years. No matter what happens in your family, career or lifestyle; rest assured that your ASKO Dishwasher can see it through alonside you. A constant among the change. A dependable assistant. 

    A Hint of Nature

    Opening our new Dishwasher door, you'll notice a few incredible features. Firstly, the large swaths of steel.  Highlighted with a color that mimics the lichens on the seashore in Sweden, discover Wine Glass Grips, a filtration system and other handy tools to help you get perfect results. By closing the door, the Dishwasher effortlessly merges into the backdrop, without any prominent design features to distract. A design that is truly Scandinavian. 

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    UV Cleanse Mode™ | Let There be Light

     When it comes to getting a clean wash, there are four important ingredients: temperature, chemistry, mechanical action and time.


    When developing our New DW60 series of Dishwashers, we wanted to take cleanliness and hygiene to the next level. We added a fifth and unexpected ingredient- light (UV, to be exact.) For our bodies, moderate exposure to UV light is a good source of vitamin D. It improves our mood and boosts our energy. UV light is also proven to kill bacteria, enabling up to 99.99999% elimination in our latest DW60 range. 


    Hygiene hightened, with light. 




      ASKO DW60.

      Built to last 20 years.




      The ConnectLife App is incredibly versatile, allowing you control to monitor your ASKO Dishwasher remotely via your smartphone or tablet. Find online user manuals, change settings, check the machine’s status and more. ConnectLife includes a step-by-step guide to help you find the best programs for you depending on what you’re washing whilst considering your preferences. 

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      Through years of research, we have identified the exact amount of detergent needed to deliver consistently perfect cleaning, with Auto Dose. The Auto Dosing compartment in our Dishwashers stores up to 30 days’ worth of detergent. Fill the machine once a month, and you're sorted. Simply load your dishes, choose your program, and you’ve got lift-off.

      ConnectLife, Convenient & Clever. 




      ASKO DW60.

      Designed to be used.