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The ASKO philosophy is to cater to you as an individual, so that you do not need to think about the Drying process. Creating a plethora of programs to suit your every need.

Bedding | Changing Sheets, Made Easy

Using a low temperature with increased time and a reverse drum movement to prevent bundling; our Bedding program will care for your sheets and quilts for that fresh feeling every time.

Silk & Wool | Silky Results

Silk and wool shouldn’t be washed too often. Use the Silk & Wool Program to loosen up and refresh your fabrics. It’s the softer choice.

Shirts | Own the Meeting

Drying at a low temperature, our Shirts Program adds in reverse drum movements to ensure entanglement doesn’t occur; whilst keeping a small amount of moisture in the garments to prevent creases. It’s the iron before the ironing.

Steam Refresh | Dry Cleaning at Home

Steam is an element we pride ourselves on. We created a specialised Program for items that would normally be Dry Cleaned for that Dry Cleaned experience at home! This would allow the effective removal of heavy odours and would care for Suit Jackets and Wool just that bit extra.

Sportswear | Win & Repeat

Low temperatures and added time allow our Sportswear Program to take into account unique waterproof fabrics with mixed materials whilst gently caring for them. Win that match. Wash. Repeat.

Conditioning | Waterproofing Perfected

A program for the thermal activation and optimisation of waterproofing agents used in the Conditioning Program on your ASKO Washing Machine. This is a short program with a high temperature to ensure optimal waterproofing of fabrics.

Quick Pro | Vroom

Quick Pro is Quick, and Pro. Get your drying done in record time (under an hour.)

Steam Wrinkle Care | Goodbye Creasing

Using the Steam Wrinkle Care Program effectively reduces and eliminates creases in shirts and linen. The Program uses repetitive steam injections and heat treatment at low temperatures, which also make it suitable for sensitive fabrics. You can steam treat up to six shirts for perfect results. In 25 minutes you’ve killed those creases and saved time on ironing. That’s fresh thinking.

We dry your laundry with great features

For you to be able to dry your laundry in the best way, we have developed many great features. Our Soft Drum™ solution is created to enhance air flow and we have a Multi Filter System™ to prevent lift from causing problems in your dryer.

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