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    Crafted elegance

    ASKO kitchen appliances are crafted with passion for detail to deliver performance and precision.

    Functionality and durability inspired by professional use and expertise aim to enrich people’s lives. In this, we find our sense for design and materials seamlessly integrated in any contemporary interior.

    READ MORE: Our expertise turned an oven into an instrument of precision. We carefully selected sustainable  materials and made our product elegant and durable. Our craftsmanship created this range characterised by exceptional finishing and an intuitive user interface. We have crafted a sophisticated glass door and integrated it into a one piece seamless frame. The large glass door emphasize the impressive oven volume and provides full visibility into the cavity.

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    ASKO Black Steel

    Black Steel is stainless steel with a touch of colour added. The colour makes the brushed pattern appear clearer and the light is reflected in various ways making the surface come alive with a shimmering expression.

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    Graphite black has a soft appearance and texture which gives smooth transitions to the colour of the surrounding kitchen. Our oven designs effortlessly balance the soft black frame and the hard-black door surface alongisde the display.

    Bring out new flavours by using steam in combination with hot air or cook truly healthy food using steam alone. This will preserve the vitamins and minerals along with the full flavour. Meat, fish and vegetables can be cooked simultaneously: just set the timer according to the food that requires the longest cooking time. With an ASKO oven, there is no risk of overcooking.

    Two additional power sources

    To improve your dishwasher performance even further, we have fitted our dishwashers with two separate highpressure Power Zones™ for the lower basket. Wide Spray™ for extra efficient washing of pots & pans and Jet Spray™ for washing of tall, narrow objects such as baby bottles or vases. Wide Spray™ creates a pressurised water jet while the nozzle generates a wide dispersal, thereby increasing the amount of water on the surface of the dishes. The result is efficient cleaning of really dirty dishes.

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    Instant Lift™ - smart height adjustment

    With our unique Instant Lift™ height adjustment system, you can adjust the top cutlery tray for higher or lower loads and free up more space in the upper basket through a simple operation. In the raised position, the space is 40 mm and in the lowered position it can be up to 58 mm. Simple, smart and flexible.

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