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ASKO 5-in-1 Combi Oven | Incredible Power, Contained 

Our 5-in-1 Combi Oven is the world’s most flexible built-in Combi Oven. With five main cooking methods, it offers a world of opportunity to create culinary wonders. Our main cooking technologies are: Pure Steam, Microwave and traditional Convection – which can be used either in tandem or separately. Mix and match the technologies to drop in and out at different points within your timed cook for delicate and complex dishes. Incredible power, incredible configurability, incredible in every way. It's the ultimate sous-chef. 

5-in-1 Benefits


Versatile Cooking

From fast food to gourmet dinners. Create delicious gourmet food for the evening dinner using the Sous Vide program as well as that instant late night snack using the microwave or combi microwave function to reheat food.

Space saving

Made for compact living. Make the best with available room and avoid unpleasant compromises. You do not need to opt out, since it is already integrated in the 5-in-1 combi oven.

Rapid Reheat

Reheat yesterday’s pizza with heat and microwaves. Fast heating with crispy surface retained.

Collapse Time

Cook meat or poultry with Hot air + Microwaves to both shorten the cooking time and get a crispy top.

A Plethora of Powerful Programs

1. Pure Steam
Gentle, pressure-free cooking for your vegetables, fish and meat. Use full steam function for cooking fresh fish or inject steam at the end of bread baking to create a delicious crispy crust.
2. Microwave
The perfect time saver when re-heating food and warming liquids. Defrost in no time. 
3. Convection Oven
Various functions for baking and cooking with combining upper and lower heat, hot air and grill.
4. Convection Oven + Microwave 
The dish is cooked with a combination of microwaves and hot air. This shortens the cooking time whilst adding a crispy brown layer. 
5. Convection Oven + Pure Steam
Combine hot air and Pure Steam brings out more taste and texture in meat based meals. The steam is dispersed into the oven cavity at regular intervals. 

Technology & Craft Inextricably Melded 

One might think that making the world’s most flexible built-in Combi Oven is just stringing different technologies together. In reality, when combining Microwaves and Pure Steam the Steam must be granular in order to properly cook multiple foods, whilst ensuring the integrity of the other technologies and systems. 

Our Pure Steam system separates condensate water from steam before the steam reaches the Oven's  cooking compartment. All condensate water created when the steam meets the cold food is effectively evaporated so that the compartment is dry enough when it’s time for the Microwaves to kick in. This makes it possible for you to reheat yesterday’s pizza without losing crispiness, texture and taste.


Innovative Inverter System

Traditional Microwaves heat food unevenly, provinding less than ideal results. With ASKO’s innovative Inverter Microwave System, we produce a continuous flow of microwave heat whilst our perfectly calibrated cavity distributes heat evenly. Consistent results, time after time. 


5 Air Flow™ System

Our Ovens perfectly bake on all sides. Our 5 Air Flow System secures an optimal circulation of heat and steam within the oven. Our strategically placed openings allow the fan and vaulted ceiling to distribute heat across the cavity. Air Flow breaking culinary boundaries. 


Pure Steam for Pure Results

Steam cooking technology can be complex. Our Pure Steam system contains no condensed water which would boil the food instead of steaming. The Pure Steam System produces the finest steam particles in the market, allowing for virtually no cleanup whlst cooking food more effectively. Perfectly Pure. Perfect results.