Technology meets tradition.

    Connect with your wine.



    We may not be known for our wine in Sweden, but how best to store it, is another story.


    Our Wine Climate Cabinet uses cutting-edge design and technology to ensure optimal temperatures and conditions. We have designed our Wine Cabinet with the highest quality materials, for a solid, sturdy stance.


    It's a jewel to behold; and will light up when you say hello.


    Inspired by Cellars


    Our climate cabinet contains 3 separate adjustable Climate Zones, so your Muscat, Malbec and Moët can age happily together. We have perfectly calibrated the cabinet to provide ideal lighting conditions, monitor humidity, and we have made it virtually free from vibrations.

    It’s the perfect home for your prized possessions.

    Let Light Colour Your Room

    Our sophisticated LED lighting puts you in control of the backdrop colour for the Wine Cabinet’s serving area, whilst providing ambient light for the surrounding room. Your Wine Cabinet is light and bright when you’re serving, softer and warmer when you’re relaxing.

    Considered Design, Premium Materials

    High-quality, telescopic wooden shelving perfectly cradles your wine, and can display your bottles upright for your guests. Solid and stable, with effectively-sealed temperature zones and a low vibration motor; our Wine Cabinet creates the ideal conditions with considered materiality.


    There's More to Discover

    The ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet features a range of connected features, both via the built-in display and the ConnectLife App. Our App is integrated with Vivino, allowing you to access a wealth of information at your fingertips. Keeping track and logging your collection has never been easier- with an integrated camera for scanning through your Cabinet, or on your ConnectLife App.

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    Origins & Impact


    Vineyards require many geological, geographical and climate factors to sustain a positive growth season and harvest quality grapes. Many aspects will affect the grapes- influencing the final taste of each batch and bottle.

    Maintaining a vineyard requires an immense amount of care, selection and discipline. We want to pay tribute to the vinedressers and winemakers who spend years on their passion – with a Wine Climate Cabinet that stores the finished product in perfectly calibrated conditions.



    Our Sommelier Ambassador

    Andreas Larsson is one of the world’s foremost wine experts, a sommelier, a wine educator – and the winner of the Best Sommelier of the World title (2007 ASI.) He has a discerning palate and is deeply passionate about all things pertaining to wine.

    Today, outside of his busy role as a taster, consultant and sommelier, he devotes much of his time to educating and inspiring the next generation of wine experts and enthusiasts. Andreas Larsson's wine storage understanding illustrates the importance of storing wine in ideal conditions.

    Perfectly Calibrated

    Optimum Humidity

    The Wine Climate Cabinet keeps the humidity level at around 70% – an optimum level for wine. You can check on the Cabinet's humidity levels at any time - either on the display or on your app.

    Stability Ensured

    The Wine Climate Cabinet's high-quality compressor ensures consistent temperatures in each compartment whilst keeping the Cabinet virtually vibration-free. Shh, the wine is resting.

    Control Harmful Rays

    Keeping wine from harmful UV light will preserve its taste and complex flavour combinations. We have designed the door of our Wine Climate Cabinet to eliminate the effects of all harmful light- allowing you to place it in prominent light-filled areas of your home.

    Room for the Whole Collection

    The ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet has room for up to 190 bottles, storing them in roomy, telescopic shelving systems which glide outward with ease. Small chalkboards emphasise the usability of the Cabinet- allowing you to label your collections.

    Three Unique Zones

    Different wines require different temperatures to rest well. The ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet contains three perfectly sealed temperature zones.The Wine Cabinet monitors and maintains each zone for consistent results throughout.

    Ultimate Temperature Control

    Precise temperature controls let you choose whether you want to store, age or bring your wine to serving temperature. Temperature Range: +5°C max +20°C

    Perfectly Served

    After putting so much love into the storage of your collection, it deserves to be served perfectly. We have designed the ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet with a serving area complete with storage for your glassware, accessories and decanter. All blanketed by an adjustable light for inspecting your perfect bottle.

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