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    Craft by ASKO - unique design of kitchen appliances

    Crafted elegance

    ASKO kitchen appliances are crafted with passion for detail to deliver performance and precision. Functionality and durability inspired by professional use and expertise aim to enrich people’s lives. In this, we find our sense for design and materials seamlessly integrated in any contemporary interior. Our expertise turned an oven into an instrument of precision. We carefully selected sustainable materials and made our product elegant and durable. Our craftsmanship created this range characterised by exceptional finishing and an intuitive user interface. We have crafted a sophisticated glass door and integrated it into a one piece seamless frame. The large glass door emphasize the impressive oven volume and provides full visibility into the cavity.

    "Craftsmanship is our nature, detail our passion."

    Jon Carlehed, Head of Design at Asko Appliances

    Our new Craft range movie

    Our Craft range is of the same blood as in all other Scandinavian inventions. True craftsmanship and a tradition of rational and practical problemsolving. When Scandinavian inventions are crossed with Scandinavian design, magic emerges.

    ASKO Craft

    Classic, modern, trendy or stylish, it depends on the materials and shapes you choose for your kitchen. But keep in mind that the appliances can occupy as much as 50% of the surface area, so they also play a big role in how your kitchen will eventually look and be perceived. The Craft products come in three different colours: classic Stainless Steel, soft Graphite Black and stylish Black Steel. All colour variants have a warm feel and can be combined with many other colours and materials, as well as many different kitchen styles.