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ASKO Steam ovens

ASKO Steam ovens offer a range of functions and features so here's a helpful list which will let you in on some of the lesser known things a steam oven can do.

Baby Food

Got a little one and want to give him or her the best and most nutritious purees? All you need is steam (and a blender). Cut your fruit and vegetables into small pieces (or grate on the coarse side of a grater) and place on a perforated tray for anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes (depending on the fruit or vegetable) then remove and blitz in the blender.
Because ASKO uses only “pure steam” your fruits and vegetables are not getting drenched in water giving full flavour and nutrient value to your little one. Typical nutrient loss when steaming fruits or vegetables is only about 6% vs. blanching or microwaving which is upwards of 70% nutrient loss (approx.)


Making jam, beer or yoghurt? Got a bunch of baby bottles, pacifiers, beer bottles and toys that need a good clean or even sterilizing, steam is the answer. Place your bottles, jars and pacifiers into a pre-heated oven full steam setting 100˚C for a minimum of 8 minutes and remove and “air dry”. Your jam, beer and baby will be healthy from go to woe.


Notice how every new individual piece of crockery or glassware has a miniature sticker on it and they always leave the sticker glue behind? Want to get this gooey mess off? You guessed it steam is the answer… Place your glassware, crockery or cutlery in the oven on full steam 100˚C and give it 5-6 minutes. Remove from the oven and peel away those pesky stickers with a weird sense of satisfaction. No soaking in water, no chemicals or eye watering tea tree oil required.

Think steam first

Obviously using your ASKO Combi Steam oven gives great results for your day to day cooking but don’t forget your oven is not a one trick pony. Learn to use your oven as your own personal prep chef. Steaming cuts of protein like pork or chicken first will ensure you get that crispy skin and crackle we all crave. Make steam part of the dish not the entirety; try steaming pork belly first for 2-3 hours then cooling it. Once your guests arrive portion out the cold pork and pan-fry it skin side down for crackle that cant be beat.
Matching a combi steam oven with an induction or gas cook-top and using steam as part of your recipe methodology will give you the best value from your appliance.

Low Temperatures

Your ASKO Combi Steam Oven has the ability to cook at very low temperatures making it ideal for the home “masterchef” who wants to explore the amazing world of sous vide cooking. But low temperatures are not only good for sous vide cooking. Proving breads and dough’s leavened with yeast happens in half the time in a perfect humid low temperature environment like the one in your oven.
This method is also great for making your own yoghurt. Yoghurt cultures need consistent low temperatures to work, too hot and you will kill the bacteria, too cold and your yoghurt wont set.
Don’t forget steam is not one temperature.