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ASKO Dishwasher Features | More Steel. More Features. Less Plastic.

ASKO Dishwashers are renowned for their exceptional washing results. Our carefully designed and rigorously tested rinsing system comprises of 11 Spray Zones* which cover every corner of the Dishwasher. Each basket has been designed with its own spray arm for targeted results. Attention to detail is why we shine.

8 Steel | More Steel. Less Plastic.

Blanketed in Steel, our Dishwashers are made from high-quality materials from top to toe. Our compartment, loading racks, spray pipe, spray arms, strainers, outer base, feet and heating element are all crafted from steel to ensure longevity and a quality wash beyond anything you’ve experienced previously.

XL & XXL Dishwashers | The World’s Largest Loading Capacity

Bigger for a better experience. Our XL and XXL Dishwashers have the largest capacity on the market. The internal loading height of our 54/58 cm dishwasher makes room for larger plates and taller glasses. Fitting 40% more compared to a standard dishwasher. The intelligent four level Flexirack™ system allows endless possibilities.

Instant Lift™ | Simple, Smart & Flexible

With our unique Instant Lift™ height adjustment system, adjust the top cutlery tray for different loads and free up more space in the upper basket. Gain an extra 18mm with a simple swipe. Simple, smart and flexible.

Wide & Narrow Spray Zones

We have fitted our Dishwashers with two separate high-pressure Power Zones™ for the lower basket. Wide Spray™ for extra efficient washing of pots and pans whilst Jet Spray™ washes tall, narrow objects such as baby bottles or vases. Wide Spray™ creates a pressurised water jet with the nozzle generating a wide dispersal. This effectively increases the amount of water on the dish surface for a greater cleaning effect. Perfect Power Zone cleaning.

MODE function - your shortcut to clean dishes

Our dishwashers are programmed to make your life easier. We have different modes for you to choose from.

Read more about our modes

Orrefors Recommends ASKO

Every time you wash Orrefors crystal glasses in an ASKO Dishwasher, you are using an important program stemming from Swedish innovation. ASKO and Orrefors both have their roots firmly planted in Scandinavia and are represented the world over. Our shared heritage and love of fine crystal has enabled us to work in tandem to produce the finest experience possible for our users. One of the goals of this partnership is to finally put an end to the myth that crystal glasses cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher. While this is true for some dishwashers, ASKO have created the Crystal Glass Program, which ensures that the water temperature increases gradually and is then maintained evenly, allowing the glass to come to temperature without any harm. We have created the ideal environment for crystal, complete with glass securements. Scandinavian craft, making life easier.