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Gas vs induction cooktops: the pros and cons

“Do I buy a gas or induction cooktop?”
There are a lot of options available when it comes to comparing cooktops, but your decision should ultimately come down to your lifestyle, functionality and design. Are you an everyday family cook, an amateur chef, or like to keep things simple? Once you can answer these questions, the process becomes a lot easier. 

Why choose a gas cooktop?

A gas cooktop allows you to cook with pots and pans of any material and shape. This may seem obvious, however, an induction cooktop requires a magnetic-based material for the cooktop to function properly. This additional cost may hinder your cooktop budget. Therefore, the gas cooktop can save you money, and you can hang on to your classic pots and pans.
Cooking over a flame is considered to be both traditional and intuitive. When you cook on a gas cooktop you don’t need to change the way you cook, unlike an induction cooktop.
It’s perfect for wok cooking, and quite frankly, this mode of cooking is near impossible without a gas cooktop. If you use a wok often, then gas may be your cooktop of choice.

Why choose an induction cooktop?

An induction cooktop is extremely efficient. The magnetic base of the pots and pans that are used for cooking on induction means the food heats faster, and the temperature control is more accurate. This makes it an extremely efficient kitchen appliance. 
Induction cooktops don’t have hotspots like gas versions. This allows the food to always heat and cook evenly, simplifying the process. This means that burnt edges or under cooked meals are a thing of the past. If you have a large family or a busy lifestyle, the induction cooktop may be the kitchen appliance you’ve been looking for.
Induction cooktops take a lot of the work out of cooking. The ASKO induction range of cooktops have two cooking zones which allow you to set two different temperatures on two different timers. Induction cooktops with these intuitive functions are perfect for the multi-tasker. 
Choosing between a gas or induction cooktop is a tough decision, yet if you’ve got a firm grasp on how you like to use your kitchen best, it can help you choose a product that will benefit you and your cooking style. While looking to purchase your next appliance, it is important to think about your lifestyle, the cooktops functionality, and its design. Implement these into your search and you’ll be sure to find the perfect cooktop that meets all you and your family’s needs.