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    ASKO Accessories | Designed to Complement 

    We have crafted a range of accessories which have the same emphasise on design, functionality and durability as our appliances. Each accessory unlocks new cooking features and expands your potential for creating wonders at home. Go on.. show off your fancy new skills. 

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    Cooktop Accessories

    Impress your guests with an authentic Teppanyaki experience, or become the Grill Master with our Cooktop Accessories. Moulded from high grade aluminium with an intelligent Micro Ceramic coating; eliminates the cleaning out of hosting dinner. Create nights to remember.

    ASKO Craft | Details make the Difference

    Our new A+ Hybrid Burner from our Craft range is highly efficient and directs more gas toward the base of your pots and pans. Discover the details that make our Craft range different.

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