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ASKO Oven Features | Design with Purpose

Scandinavian design is purposeful and always timeless. Every detail in our Oven range has been considered to create the best user experience, whilst ensuring the highest levels of capability on the market. Timeless, user freindly and incredibly capable. Discover the Scandinavian difference.

Pyrolytic Cleaning | Incinerate Cleanups

During the Pyrolysis Program our Ovens heat to 465°C, incinerating all grease and leftovers into a carbonised fine ash which can be wiped and disposed of. Pop in the baking trays throughout the program for a thorough clean. Intense heat, effortless cleaning.

XL Capacity

Our 60cm Ovens are extra large; with a capacity of up to 75 Litres and potential to bake on five levels simultaneously. Saving time, energy and your savings account. Our Combi Oven can hold a full 51 Litres whilst baking on three levels simultaneously. Spacious enough for a buffet. Incredible enough to cook it simultaneously.

ASKO Vaulted Precision Cooking

All ASKO Ovens feature an interior cavity inspired by generations of wood fire ovens. The shape of our Ovens, with a vaulted ceiling and completely flat back panel and door, allows for a more even circulation of hot air. Evenly heating from all sides, your meals are always perfectly done, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The perfect finish to an effortless cook.

Telescopic Arms | Ergonomic + Safe

Telescopic arms guide effortlessly outward with an automatic locking function to assist with loading and unloading. No matter the temperature, our Ovens are designed to make the cooking and cleaning process effortless, safe and ergonomic.

150 Auto Programs

With a vast amount of programs available; you’ll find a recipe for all situations; with the ability to save your family recipes. For an easier solution simply set the weight of your food and the desired browning level, our Oven will automatically set the appropriate function and adjust the cooking time. Auto Programs for convenient culinary creations.

Powerful, Pure Steam Cooking

Our Combi Steam Ovens have a unique steam generation system producing Pure Steam. Made possible by our Flow Meter, which ensures that the correct amount of water allocation alongside our incredible separator system dividing Pure Steam from condensed water. Powerful, Pure Steam Cooking.

Stage Cooking | Unleash the Flavour

Professional chefs use different heating methods to bring out flavour and texture to their meals. Cooking at low temperatures for a long time and finishing with a short grill. Use steam, hot air and the grill in the same program. Simply select the cooking technologies in the menu and hit the start button. Awaken the beast. Unleash the flavour.

Safety Epitomised

Our Oven doors are constructed for maximum safety with up to four high-quality glass panels and three heat-reflecting layers. Paired with the cooling fan they ensure that the outside of the oven door is kept at room temperature even if the inside temperature is 240 °C. For added safety and convenience we have also fitted our door hinges with integrated dampers which enable soft closing and opening. Incredible power, contained.

Steam Assisted Cooking | Flavour Preserved

With the Combi Steam functions the steam is sprayed into the Oven cavity at regular intervals. Using a combination of Pure Steam and Convection is a good way to improve heat transfer while also browning the food. Pure Steam makes the heating process more efficient and prevents food dehydration, providing more succulent results. Taste the difference.

Food Regeneration | Food Brought Back

Bring those leftovers back to life, with their original taste and texture. Stringy pizza, with a crunchy crust.. exactly as it was last night.

Craft Ovens by ASKO

Exceptional finishing and intuitive interface characterize the new ASKO Craft line. Craft represents the key elements of Scandinavian design – understated elegance, high-quality craftsmanship and natural materials.

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