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    ASKO Cooktops | Designed for Precision 

    With an ASKO Cooktop you will have perfect control of your cooking; whether you're after traditional Gas or modern Induction. Our Gas cooktops feature the unique Volcano Wok Burner with highly concentrated flame and large cast iron supports. Our Induction Cooktops are uniquely equipped with Bridge Induction™ Zones; making it possible to entertain guests with our Teppanyaki Plate.  

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    Gas Cooktops

    Our new A+ Burner has been designed from the ground up. Highly efficient, our new burners direct more gas to the base of your cookware. Lifted burners provide an airflow between the burner and drip tray, making the stainless steel or black enamel cooler; and less likely to attract oil stains or burns. The small burner diameter provides high performance and offers precise control.

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    Induction Cooktops

    ASKO Induction Cooktops are designed with safety, precision and usability in mind. Take control with individual zone timers, which shut off the cooktop when time runs down. Ensure everyone at home is safe, with our precise heating system, which only lights up the area under the pan- ensuring no heat bleed. And, should things get messy- our easy clean coating is there to take the hassle out of tidying up. Induction has never been so simple!

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    Domino Cooktops

    With our range of ASKO Domino Cooktops, you have the power to create your own unique experience. Either combine our Dominos together, or with a full-size Cooktop. Incredible choices at your fingertips.

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    ASKO Cooktop Features | Designed for Precision

    From flame angles to dial design. Every inch of our Cooktops have been carefully crafted for precision cooking. Discover the details below.

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