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ASKO Mode Function | Your Shortcut to Clean Dishes

We have created different modes to make it easy for you to adapt your favourite dishwashing program to new situations. Instead of choosing from a long list of programs and then a long list of different options and settings, you can now simply choose one appropriate mode and hit start. 

Green Mode | Planet First

Green Mode saves both water and energy. The temperature is lowered while each stage of the cycle is extended to save water and achieve the same perfect results. The planet and your wallet will thank you.

Hygiene | Bacteria Busting

The Hygiene Program can be used for effective cleaning of baby bottles and other essential items to keep sterile. We raise the temperature to 70°C in the main wash and final rinse program. Kill bacteria in its tracks.

Speed Mode | Vroom

Jaw-dropping speed. If you want your dishes ready in a tick, simply select Speed Mode to reduce the program time by 50%. To achieve the best possible washing results, more water and energy are used. Goodbye wait times.

Quick Pro Wash | Quick & Pro

This is a programme inspired by the world of professional dishwashers where speed is the key. The Quick Pro Wash programme is perfect when you know that you will need the same crockery, glasses or other utensils several times on the same occasion.

Silent night

Night Mode quietens down the machine for those tricky nights with the toddler. Water pressure in the spray arms is lowered, reducing the noise level by as much as 2 dB. This mode is perfect for open plan homes with seamless kitchen and living spaces. Peace, it’s a beautiful thing.

Intensive Mode | Heat at its Heart

When you have dirty dishes with dried food, Intensive Mode increases the spray arm pressure, whilst adding more heat and water during the cycle.

Self-cleaning | Hassle-free Ownership

The Self-cleaning programme ensures that the tub, water recycling tank and spray system are thoroughly cleaned. Regular cleaning is essential for both washing performance and the machine’s longevity. Use standard detergent, citric acid or a special dishwasher cleaning agent.

Dishwasher features - Get the most out of your dishwasher

Our XXL Dishwashers can wash as many as 17 place settings with perfect results; while keeping energy costs low with an exceptional A++ rating. It’s no surprise then that our dishwashers have the world’s largest loading capacity. Discover more features.