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ASKO Washing Machines | Features For an Easier Everyday

Our Washers are packed with innovative features designed to make everyday life easier. From Auto Dose to Eco Mode, Swedish design and usability has impacted every facet of the washing experince. Discover better washing.

Quattro Construction™ | Smart Spinning

The Quattro Construction™ is a unique yet simple system consisting of four shock absorbers that transfer the vibrational energy from the outer drum to the bottom plate of our machines. The entire construction stands inside the casing. Spinning at even maximum RPMs can be achieved virtually free of vibrations. No more disturbances, only quite.

Steel Seal™

Slam the door shut on bacteria with Steel Seal™. We have eliminated the rubber door seal which can degrade over time and trap dirt and grime. Ensuring easier loading and unloading whilst providing added hygienic benefits. It’s one of the reasons we’re Sensitive Choice Approved.

Auto Dosing | Perfect Every Time

Our Washing Machines with Auto Dose measure the detergent against wash load, dirtiness level, water hardness, program type and temperature. An always perfect detergent allocation for an effortless experience.

Aqua Safe™ system

Water is great when it’s contained. Even the smallest undetected leak can cause major problems. We have worked hard to create leak protection systems that exceed the requirements set by national authorities. We call it Aqua Safe™. Concern for safety.. how very Scandinavian.

Super Rinse™ | Sensitive Skin Protection

Dirt is not good for your clothes and detergents irritate skin. As a preventive measure for people with sensitive skin our Washing Machines feature an extra rinse function called Super Rinse™. This is especially important in countries with soft water and means that the machine rinses up to seven times. Super Rinse™ for Sensitive Skin Protection.

Active Drum™

Our hourglass-shaped lifters gently guide your load to the centre of the drum and effectively remove large debris such as dirt and gravel, to the larger holes at the drum’s edges. Perfectly balanced to ensure the best possible performance while ensuring minimal wear on fabrics. Design so considered, it’s a wonder to behold.

Line Concept™ | User Centricity Exemplified

Our Line Concept™ is designed to operate our products intuitively. It starts with the detergent drawer on the left and ends with the Start/Stop/Pause button to the right. Start by filling the detergent drawer then simply enter your desired settings from left to right! Line Concept™ is available on all Pro Home™ Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers. User-centricity exemplified.


Our Anti-Crease function is activated after your Washing program and prevents the laundry from creasing unnecessarily. Pop on the steam function on our Dryer for further removal of creases. Get that crisp, fresh feeling every time.

Pro Wash™ | Phenomenal Performance

The commercial space continually inspires us to create products for professional users. Our Pro Wash™ System actively circulates the water from bottom to the top where two nozzles spray the water over the load. The load is soaked faster, which enables incredibly accurate wash and rinsing performance even on extremely short cycles. Phenomenal performance, for Pro users.

Removable Lifters | Flexibility Baked-in

Our Lifters can be removed allowing users the flexibility to maintain added aspects of their machine. Serviceability can be done on the whim, removing the complexity of a call-out. Smart, serviceable and sustainable. Hassle removed.

Hot Water Connection | Layers of Sustainability

Save Energy & Time. Connecting to hot water prevents the heating mechanism from switching on, effectively removing 70% of electricity usage. Pair this with Solar Panels for added environmental credibility. Small steps together, make a big difference.

ASKO Wash Programs | Fabrics

The materiality of our clothing today is more complex, and therefore, harder to wash in the ideal conditions necissary. In order to make our user's lives easier, we have created a plethora of programs for different fabric types. Clothing labels no longer required.

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ASKO Mode Function | Your Shortcut to Better Washing

When using a mode, different parameters of the selected program are changed to be able to wash faster, quieter, more intensively or efficiently. Our Style models have six separate modes, Logic has five and Classic three. Discover how we optimise your wash for targeted performance.

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