Discover the power of cooking with steam.

Exclusive kitchen products from ASKO.

ASKO Dishwashers. More steel, less plastic.

ASKO Washing Machines. Silent and stable while washing.

    Scandinavian Innovation

    Our Scandinavian heritage influences our minimalistic design philosophy, user-centric interface and how we seemlessly integrate advanced technology. We value sustainability; and craft all of our appliances from high- strength metal and steel, to ensure durability and longevity. We are always forward-thinking to ensure we make your home-life more joyful. 

    About ASKO

    ASKO Elements

    Introducing our Elements range. With our most advanced user interface, premium materials and smart cooking functions which level up your cooking skills. 

    Elements by ASKO

    ASKO Craft

    Introducing our range of high-performance Craft Ovens, designed to make life easier and demonstrate the power of cooking with steam. 

    ASKO Craft

    ASKO Dishwashers | Timeless

    Elegant, sleek and sophisticated lines allow our dishwashers to integrate seemlessly into any space. Steel is incorporated into all facets of the design; from the door panel, to the racks and spray arms. Discover why our dishwashers are renounded for their quality, durability and flexibility. 



    Washing Machines | Heritage & Technology

    Our latest Washing Machines are crafted from the ground up, to be hygenic, stable and as silent as possible. 

    Washing machines

    Tumble Dryers | Intelligent programs making life easier

    We have crafted an entire suite of programmes specifically designed to bring a professional laundrette into the domestic space. 

    Tumble dryers